November Favourites

Hello everybody and welcome back to my blog. So, for this post I decided to show what I’ve been loving using recently. I have a few make-up, beauty and clothing favourites which I will show you and give you links to alsmost everything. So, let’s get started.




  1. Maybelline New York The one by one volum’ express maskara (Satin Black) This maskara has a great finish, it doesn’t leave your eyelashes that gross crunchy feeling or tangled and it gives them great volume.
  2. Essence XXXL nude lip gloss (Taste The Sweets) It has a great shiny finish, gives a fuller looking lips and it can be used just as simple lipgloss for everyday make-up or on top of other lipsticks.
  3. Sephora Eau de Toilette in Strawberry and Chocolate Those little things smell like heaven, it comes in small 7ml.bottles and I really wish it could come in normal size bottles. You can just throw it in your bag and use it to freshen up throughout the day, I personally use it after I’ve just take a bath or a shower and it smells great.
  4. ERRE DUE gentle cleansing milk for face & eyes and all skin types I got this almost a month ago when I was looking for a really good make-up remover. At first I was going to buy something else, but the lady stopped me and was like: «Put that down and get that one. You’ll thank me.» and she was right. With just a small amount you can remove all your make-up and it lives your face feeling really healthy and moisturised.
  5. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium fragrance I got this perfume as a birthday present and I have been using it like crazy. I’ve almost run out of it and I’m definitely buying it again, because I have a thing where I like to link different phases of my life with different smells, some find it weird but it’s just how I like it.
  6. L’OREAL PARIS INFALLIBLE 24-H MATTE (20SAND) I got this about a couple of months ago, when I was in Lesvos for my cousins engagement and they kept my foundation in the airport. I’ve stopped using it after that and when I saw it about 3 weeks ago, I started reusing it again and I remember how great it was. It has a really great matte finish and even though on the bottle it says that it has a medium coverage, for me it has really high coverage, sometimes I don’t even use a conccealer.
  7. Golden Rose matte lipstick crayon 09 I started getting excited about Christmas really early this year, so I went out looking for Christmas lipstick and even though I’ve tried not to get a red one, when I saw this, I couldn’t resist. It has a matte finish and it doesn’t dry out your lips. You can use it either with or without lip pencil, or you can use this crayon as a lip pencil.
  8. Maybelline New York BROW DRAMA sculpting brow maskara in dark blonde I have really good-looking and good-shaped natural eyebrows, so I don’t usually use a pencil to draw them, but I felt that I needed something, so I found this eyebrow maskara. I just brush them a few times with it and it makes my eyebrows really stand out. Now, even though I have dark brown hair, I’ve found that that the dark blonde suits me best.

So, that was what I’ve been loving beauty wise. Now, for fashion items I have only two.

The first one is a pair of Oxford shoes, that are half suede and half patent leather. I got them mostly because I wanted to wear them at school, because we wear a formal school uniform, but I ended up wearing them everywhere, even clubbing. exact similar
The second one is pair of black, leather boots. They are super comfortable and you can wear them with anything. similar

And next I have two more favourites and both of them are TV shows.

Scream Queens and 2 Broke Girls. Let me me just tell you how amazing these shows are, a lot. They are hilarious and both of them have a really bitchy tone to them.


So, that was all for this post, hope you liked it and I’ll see you again in a next post.

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Goodbye lovelies xxx



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