50 facts about me

Hello everybody!! My name is Athena and this is my first post(on this) blog and I thought what a better way to get started than letting you know 50 facts about me. So, let’s get started!

  1. Last August I became 21.
  2. My zodoac sign is Virgo.
  3. Favourite colour is red.
  4. Favourite food: anything Italian.
  5. Favourite city: London.
  6. I have routes from Smyrne.
  7. I live in Athens, Greece.
  8. I had another blog before (https://athenaroseblog.wordpress.com/), but me being myself, I forgot the password.
  9. I have a physiotherapy degree.
  10. and right now I’m studying culinary.
  11. I love baking.(cakes, cupcakes and anything related)
  12. I used to teach English at little kids.
  13. I have a younger sister, her name is Demetra and she is 17.
  14. I absolutely hate it when people make noises while eating.
  15. I am currently taking driving lessons.
  16. Worst fears: clowns and reptiles.
  17. I suffer from panic attacks, but thank God I haven’t had one for about 4 months.
  18. Favourite place to be: near the sea.
  19. Favourite clothing item: Band t-shirts.
  20. I own a little dog, named BoobyIMG_20131228_135823
  21. I used to own a lot of pets: a cat, two goldfishes, two parrots and a tortoise.
  22. Favourite tv show: 2 Broke Girls and Vampire Diaries.
  23. I’m a HUGE One Direction fan.
  24. When I was younger I wanted to be a pediatrician or a journalist.
  25. I want to be a YouTuber, I’ve tried in the past and failed.
  26. When I was about 5 years-old I alomst made someone drown, but after that I save two old ladies from drowning.
  27. Favourite movie: V for Vendetta.
  28. I LOVE chocolate and anything chocolate related.
  29. The 1st. I’ve ever cooked I was 10.
  30. I’ve taken hip-hop dance lessons.
  31. Favourite YouTubers: Zoella, ThatcherJoe, Tanya Burr and Kingsley.
  32. I used to hate Taylor Swift(mostly beacause she used to »date» Harry Styles) but right I actually really like her.
  33. I used to smoke.
  34. I used to wear braces.
  35. Once I won a radio competition to see James Blunt, but my parents didn’t let me go.
  36. Can’t resist to a good cup of coffee.
  37. Favourite Kardashian: Khloe.
  38. I want to road-trip Italy.
  39. I’ve to Ayvalik twice.
  40. I predicted the birth of my cousin. (I know, I’m a phychic)
  41. I hated school.
  42. But I loved English classes.
  43. Favourite perfume: YSL Black Opium.
  44. Favourite lipstick: YSL Pur Couture, in the shade Rouge Fen.
  45. I used to have red hair.
  46. I threw my phone in the toilet and after I picked it up(gross) it was absolutely fine.
  47. I love scented candles, especially vanilla, cinnamon and cherry.
  48. I believe that it’s going to be another World War soon.
  49. I’m afraid of airplanes.
  50. One of my most embarassing moments was when on my first date with a guy I accidentally broke two champagne glasses.

So, that was all for today children. Thank you so much for spending some time to read about my boring life. I’ll talk to you again in another post. Till then kisses. :*

Twitter: Athena_Vat
Instragram: athenavat
Polyvore: athenava
Tumblr: athenafashion.tumblr.com
And personal: athenava.tumblr.com



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